Aerial Aspects

Quality aerial images are vital to a projects planning, monitoring and marketing success but traditional methods are often too expensive and difficult to co-ordinate.

At Aerial Aspects we understand this. That is why we offer a cost effective alternative- that is safe, environmentally friendly, adaptable to most situations and produces amazing images.

Using the latest in UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or drone) technology and camera systems our licensed operators now make aerial images affordable and achievable to almost any business.

Aerial Aspects offer a broad range of professional aerial imaging services that can be used for marketing, planning, asset management, environmental monitoring, remote inspections and more. With the live video feedback from the on-board camera, the customer can be on site making real time decisions on the images they see.

We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to find out their requirements and then to design and implement strategic aerial photography solutions that are of significant benefit to their business needs.
Although Aerial Aspects is based in Perth, Western Australia, our services are available Australia-wide.

We are a licensed CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) Operator and a proud member of ACUO (Australian Certified UAV Operators Inc).