Aerial Photography Services Perth

Cost-effective, accurate aerial photography with a fast turnaround. Like never before, aerial photography is affordable, safe and - best of all - accessible to almost any business.

Introducing UAV Drones

Our camera-mounted UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) drones are highly sophisticated miniature aircraft. Their complex flight computer is programmed to produce stable, accurate, aerial images and HD video.

• Watch Live. Join us in the field to watch live as images are fed to our mobile laptop. Great for real-time assessment needs, such as damage control and asset management.

• Crystal Clear Images. Close-up, long distance and anywhere in-between; UAV drones produce aerial images that are clear and accurate. We can zoom in on the smallest objects, or take long range photos on demand.

• Cost-Effective. Forget the expense of traditional aerial photography. No need to hire a full sized aircraft, on-board pilot and separate photographer! Aerial Aspects can deliver most aerial photography and videography services with just one powerful drone.

• Fast Turnaround. Unedited images and video footage are available on the day. Edited images and video are typically available within 24-48 hours.

• Reliable Results. UAV drones are surprisingly durable. With built-in GPS and on-board flight computer, strong winds, high temperatures and even strong electrical fields barely affect the UAV. Expect to receive the images you ordered, on time and on budget.

Comprehensive Commercial Services

How can we help you? Please browse our list of UAV photography services to discover how UAV imagery meets many commercial needs, including asset monitoring, assessing, surveying and more.

Get the aerial images you need at cost-effective prices. Join the growing list of businesses enjoying the benefits of affordable UAV aerial photography. Click here or call Aerial Aspects on 0413 394 359 today.

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