Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aerial Aspects licensed to provide aerial photography services?

Yes. We are fully licensed to provide all services listed on this website. We have CASA Certification as required by law. (CASA is Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority.)

Does Aerial Aspects have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes. We are fully insured, allowing us to operate across a range of commercial, industrial, government and private industries. If you have special insurance requirements, please contact us to discuss further.

Do you have a set price list?

No. Every job is different, so we write custom-quotes to cater for your needs. Our prices are very competitive, so please contact us for a fast quote.

Do you travel beyond Perth, Western Australia?

Yes. Although we are based in Perth, our services are available anywhere in Western Australia and, for the right projects, we travel Australia-wide.

Are your UAV drones available for hire without a pilot/operator?

No. We don't hire out our UAV drones as a standalone unit. Our CASA certified operator accompanies all jobs to ensure quality, safety and outstanding results.

What about Rain, Wind and Snow? (How does the UAV handle bad weather?)

We sometimes need to re-schedule photography sessions due to bad weather. This is only because the images will be blurred by rain or marred by overcast conditions.

The microdrone itself is barely affected by bad weather conditions. The UAV's sturdy carbon fiber composition can withstand wind, rain and snow. The sophisticated flight computer automatically compensates for windy conditions, keeping the unit stable, safe and positioned to take detailed photos of any subject.

What is a UAV?

UAV stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. At Aerial Aspects, we refer to our quad-rotor UAVs as drones and microdrones, but they're also commonly referred to as RPAs (Remotely Piloted Aircraft).

Is UAV Aerial Photography Safe?

Yes. UAV aerial photography is completely safe, thanks to our highly trained operators who are fully certified by CASA (CASA is Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority.) Our CASA certification, combined with Aerial Aspects' strong safety-first culture and latest UAV technology, makes every job safe, quiet and environmentally friendly.

Is video output smooth?

Video output is surprisingly smooth. The drones have dual axis stabilisation - meaning tilt and roll components work together for a smooth video. We use top performance video cameras inside our drones and the drone firmware creates a very smooth video.